Ring Before Spring? More Like “Ring Right Now”

Put a Ring on it now!

If you want to make someone contractually spend the rest of their life with you, put a ring on it. That’s how the Beyoncé song goes, right? Those might not be Queen Bey’s exact lyrics, but it is the truth! It doesn’t matter how in love someone is with you, they can still up and leave without any consequences unless you have that all-important marriage license. There’s no time like the present to lock it down, especially if it looks like the other person might bolt. If you really love them, no matter how crazy they can be, it’s time to put a ring on it right now.

Don’t Wait for the “Right” Time

Some people put off getting engaged because they’re waiting for the “right” time. But if you really love her despite her crazy faults or all of her nagging, why wait? Lock her down now before she finds someone else! Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day—that’s a horrible, overdone cliché, and you don’t want any part of it. No, she won’t think it’s sweet and romantic. No, it won’t make it easier or less expensive in the future. Do you think she will settle for a standard Valentine’s Day ever again? Now it’s the “anniversary of your engagement” and every year is going to have to be over the top. You don’t want to get into that!

The same goes for her birthday, the anniversary of your first date, New Year’s Eve, or any other holiday or special day. Just don’t do it. The right time to propose is whenever you feel is right. Do it now, tell her she’s yours for life, and start planning that wedding so there’s no easy way out!

Overlook His Faults

Is he a lazy slob? He’s a man, so he probably has his moments (and by moments, we mean most of the time). Do you really want to marry someone who leaves his bags of chips all over the house or doesn’t have a job? Will you be picking up empty beer cans for the rest of your life? Probably, but isn’t it worth it? Think about what you’re getting—a man who loves you, who (sometimes) does stuff around the house, who will protect you and fart in front of you… well, no one’s perfect. But hey, you can change him! It might take 50 years, but you’ll have the perfect man just in time for him to get old and die on you.

Accept Her for Who She Is

She’s going to nag you. She’s going to make you exercise and eat nasty vegan foods and (maybe worst of all) visit her parents for Christmas. But in the long run, you can accept these faults. She’s going to leave the toilet seat down, but over time, you’ll be able to train her to stop doing that. She will start to pick up on what you like and adjust her own habits to match. Yeah, you’ll have to do the same on a few minor things, but don’t worry—you’ll find ways around them. Let her think you’ve cut back on drinking by only putting a six-pack of beer in the kitchen fridge. She’ll never know about the other 24 you have in the garage.

He’s not going to do it right, so you should anyway.

Who Proposes?

So you want to get her off the market ASAP—it’s not unusual for a man to go down on one knee and had over an expensive or at least expensive-looking ring. But what if you’re the woman and you want to get this man contractually obligated to you for life? Girl, it’s the twenty-first century! Nothing’s stopping you from popping the question. Sure, maybe you emasculate him a little bit, but don’t worry about that too much. He’s secretly relieved he doesn’t have to plan the whole proposal. You know he won’t do it right, anyway!

 No Time Like the Present

There’s no time like now to propose. You don’t need to put together any sort of elaborate plan. If you’re the man, you know all it takes is a little bit of romance. Take her out to her favorite restaurant and do it right there at the table. It’s much harder to say no in public! For the ladies out there, well, you know he’s going to say yes. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he would be stupid to walk away from that. You don’t need to put too much planning into it. Buy him a pizza and a six pack, sit him down on the sofa, and tell him the two of you are getting hitched. That’s about all it takes!


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